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How did we start Hi Team Training?


It's a story about the passion for love and fitness. Michael and Grace first jointed their path at the Boston University Fitness&Recreation Center. Michael loves weight-lifting, while Grace loves swimming.


It didn't take long before the two fell in love and started working out together. Given Michael's extensive knowledge of fitness, it was natural for him to become the fitness trainer of the two. However, soon, the training program went into a bottleneck. Although Michael had years of training experiences, they were all limited to young males. 


Love conquers all, and it sure did. Despite being a full-time student and having a part-time job at the hospital, Michael managed to go through the NSCA certification just so that he can train Grace better.


After three years of training with Michael, Grace transformed from a 90 lb skinny girl who can't do even one half-push-up to a powerful, toned woman and can do single-leg-squats and TRX pikes. Moreover, now, she also loves boxing!


Inspired and motivated by their experiences, the young fitness couple now opens up their own fitness shop to help more people like Grace through body transformation, and more importantly, to experience the self-empowerment.


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