Why We Include These Exercises?

Exercise Tips

If you are a regular Hi Teamer (short for "hi team member"), you will notice we include certain exercises into almost all our training programs, such as crab walk, bridges, lunges, planks, and foam rolling. These exercises are great at protecting your joints and preventing injuries, as we know all too well how much of a set-back an injury would cost us. We couldn't share too many details about these exercises given the limited time in class, but we hope that by sharing the article below, you will gain a deeper understanding of the benefits these exercises could offer.

Some of the exercise definitions might be slightly different from our terms, but it won't affect the interpretation. You may also find there are some additional exercises, which are more advanced. Don't worry, we will get there soon.

Article: 20 Exercises to Bulletproof Your Joints and Prevent Injury

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