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Saying no

New Year Resolution

It’s the time of the year when people make new year resolutions. And I bet, “getting in shape” definitely crosses your mind. I am also going to make bold speculation, that many of you will shrug your shoulder at the end of the year and say, “Well, I guess it will be my next year resolution.”

No doubt that “getting in shape” is not an easy or short-term goal, otherwise, it won’t make to your resolution list from the beginning. Then why is it so hard to achieve? Is it “not the right fitness programs”, “too busy” or “too lazy”?

There are tons of workout programs, fitness group classes, and nutrition plans out there, probably too many to choose from. And I will say that not all of them are as efficient for you, but you are guaranteed to some results if you commit to at least one of those fitness programs. So the problem has to be one of the latter, either “too busy” or “too lazy”. Or is it really?

The Ideal World

In an ideal world, we don’t have to work late; our weekend is not packed with all sorts of gatherings; we have easy access to a gym; and have enough dispensable income to afford personal training. For sure, if such a world existed, most people will be fitness models.

The reality, however, often cases are you are too tired to workout after a long day of work; suffering from last night party hangover; wallet is running dry because of expenditures on fashion products or video games. In fact, it’s probably these events that make you out of shape in the first place!

Feel stuck? You are not alone. Need an overhaul? Not necessary. To break from all these chains, all you need is two words. Can you guess what they are?

"Say No."

Your first reaction probably is, How is it relevant? So let me explain.

Imagine each event/errand (however you name it) you do is a “Yes”, you can only have as many “Yes”s in a day. Let’s make a list of those “Yes”s:

  • Work - Yes

  • Overtime work - Yes

  • Entertainment time: TV, Movie, Video Games, Fashion Shopping - Yes

  • Chores: Grocery Shopping, Cooking, Cleaning, Parenting - Yes

  • Parties and Gatherings - Yes

  • Sleep and Rest - Yes

Do you need all those “Yes”s? Maybe. But are they all equally important? No. From personal experience, when I continued to have 60+ work hours for months, I couldn’t care less about my bonus, I just want to rest and workout. If you had read my previous blog on “A Healthy Diet Starts with Hunger", you will know that I grew out of my clothes in just one month! I didn’t shop for any clothes the entire summer, as I would not settle for those extra weights.

So start saying “No” to some “Yes”s to make room for fitness.

Rather than trying to please your boss by going over your limit and end up hating the world, you will feel much better and happier after a hard-sweat workout. Even if you have to go back to work after, you will be at a much higher performance level.

Say “No” to those long TV marathons. Why do you need to stare at those sassy bodies and pretty faces when you can be like that if you simply workout?

Say “No” to those endless parties and gatherings. No one wants to be the “invisible” person at a party that backs into a corner because of everyone else looks so amazing and you are not. Then get up and exercise. Let your stunning transformation becomes the center of attention next time you attend a social event.

The Subtle Art of Saying “No”

Now, “Say No” is simple in words, but how to say “No” in the right way is much more delicate. It’s a subtle art that requires careful consideration. A cold-hearted “No” with an aloof attitude will get you nowhere but trouble. There are many articles out there that talk about different strategies to say “No”. Amongst those, I found the one written by Neil Patel named "How This One Little Word Will Change Your Life" the most helpful. Although the focus of that article is more business oriented, the rules are just as powerful when applying to fitness. I wish I had come across to this article much earlier, it would’ve saved many of my sleepless nights.

Bottom line is that, when you close a door, you have to open another one. Every “No” should come with an alternative opportunity, whether it be giving certain work tasks a higher priority, or offering to plan a future gathering. These are just some ideas for you to start with.

Are you ready to change your fitness game? Start to say “No” today!

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